Why Join the IAP

General Benefits

  • Participate in the only worldwide network of prosecutors, sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practice with over 250,000 prosecutors from all regions of the world. 

  • Benefit from unrestricted access to the Prosecutors International Cooperation Platform (PICP), enabling direct contact with international colleagues to facilitate efficient and timely cooperation on casework and policy matters and to participate in forums to share updates in areas of interest and expertise. 

  • Access the Global Training Academy (GTA), benefitting from a wide range of webinars, seminars and training programmes to develop knowledge and skills. 

  • Join one or more of the IAP Specialist Networks on topics including cybercrime, financial crime and international criminal justice, to develop expertise, obtain relevant updates and participate in forums with IAP members who have the same fields of interest. 

  • Form lifelong partnerships and friendships through attendance at our regional and annual conferences, training sessions and other events, paving the way for future collaboration and productive engagement. 

  • Apply to participate as a speaker at our regional and annual conferences and contribute to our newsletters and publications, sharing knowledge and learning with colleagues from multiple other jurisdictions and promoting subject-matter expertise. 

  • Learn from the best practice in other jurisdictions to develop knowledge and inspiration for advancing national laws and frameworks.  

  • Gain unrestricted access to IAP publications, including the IAP Standards, the IAP Human Rights Manual for Prosecutors and Specialist Network publications. 

  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of developments in law, practice, and procedure through online access to future and archived IAP newsletters. 

  • Access the Standing Committee on Prosecutors in Difficulty and associated support where applicable. 

  • Create a personal profile on the Prosecutors International Cooperation Platform (PICP) to showcase your expertise in specialist fields (as an individual member). 

Additional Organisational Benefits

  • Enable all prosecutors within an organisation to gain access to IAP member benefits though the payment of one fee. 

  • Opportunity to host an IAP annual conference to enable local prosecutors (employees) to network with colleagues worldwide and share experiences and best practices. 

  • Opportunity to host an IAP regional conference to raise awareness of specific themes and challenges in your region and discuss approaches and solutions with local colleagues.  

  • Nominate Contact Persons for the Specialist Networks (prosecuting services only) to facilitate more efficient international cooperation for incoming and outgoing requests for assistance.  

  • Nominate candidates for the IAP Awards to raise awareness of and recognition for outstanding achievements by local prosecutors or teams. 

  • Demonstrate an outward commitment by your organisation to upholding the IAP Standards of Professional Responsibility and Statement of the Essential Duties and Rights of Prosecutors, to promoting the Rule of Law and to protecting human rights in an accountable and transparent manner. 

  • Arrange bilateral exchanges and meetings with relevant global prosecution authorities and their members using IAP facilities and networks to facilitate improved international cooperation. 

  • Opportunity for members to apply to participate in bilateral prosecutor exchanges and one-way placements via the IAP Prosecutor Exchange Programme.  

  • Opportunity for members to apply for the IAP Granting Programme (subject to eligibility requirements) to support attendance at the IAP annual conference. 


Join to get global networking opportunities and to exposure yourself and/or your organisation