IAP Protocols

Protocol for Regional Office Applications
The Application Protocol for Regional Office can be accessed  herearrow   

Protocol regarding Awards and decorations

The Awards and decoration Protocol can be accessed herearrow  


Protocol regarding Honorary Membership

The Honorary Membership Protocol can be accessed herearrow 


Complaints Protocol

The Complaints Protocol can be accessed herearrow 


Criteria for responding to all complaints

The Roadmap for complaints can be accessed herearrow 


Protocol for the Conduct of cases for prosecutors in difficulty

Protocol for the conduct of cases for prosecutors in difficulty can be accessed herearrow 


Executive Committee Protocol

The Executive Committee Protocol can be accessedherearrow


Protocol for election of IAP President and Vice Presidents

Protocol for election by the Executive Committee of nominees for IAP President and Vice-Presidents can be accessed herearrow


Financial Procedures Manual

This manual list all procedures in place at the Stichting Treasury International Association of Prosecutors. These procedures should be followed at all times to ensure a smooth and controllable working environment. The Financial Procedures Manual updated on the 5 April 2019 can be accessed herearrow


Financial Protocol

Protocol of the International Association of Prosecutors for the determination of subscriptions from organisational and individual members can be accessed herearrow


Funding Protocol

Funding Protocol for the attendance at Executive Committee meetings can be accessed herearrow


Granting Programme Protocol

The Granting Programme Protocol can be accessed herearrow


Sponsorship Protocol

Protocol for governing the International Association of Prosecutors' approach to commercial sponsorship can be accessed herearrow