Announcements and News

Call for nominations for IAP Awards and Honorary Memberships 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Deadline for recommendation: 1 March 2019

Judges’ and Lawyers’ Freedoms of Expression, Association and Assembly: overview of international standards

Tuesday 19 February 2019

The ICJ has published an overview of international standards on judges’ and lawyers’ freedoms of expression, association and assembly, in a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers.The document responds to the Special Rapporteur’s call for input for an upcoming report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Call for legal articles

Monday 18 February 2019

The Director of the Deliberative Council of Justitia Journal, an Organ of the Public Prosecution Service of São Paulo, invites legal articles for publication in Justitia Magazine.

Ilse van den Bergh leaving Secretariat

Wednesday 13 February 2019


Call for applications for the 2019 IAP Granting Programme

Tuesday 22 January 2019

If you are interested in applying for the 2019 IAP Granting Programme, please send a letter of inquiry to the IAP Secretary-General before 1 June 2019.

New guidelines: IAP Guidelines for the Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM)

Friday 4 January 2019

The IAP Guidelines for Prosecutors regarding Victim-Offender Mediation aim to assist prosecution services in setting and implementing standards for victim-offender mediation (VOM) mechanisms.

Call for registration: Fourth Specialisation Course for Junior Prosecutors

Thursday 20 December 2018

The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights and the International Association of Prosecutors are co-organising the 4th Specialisation Course for Junior Prosecutors on International Criminal Justice and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters (SJCP).

Building International Cooperation among Counter-Terrorism Prosecutors - new IAP/CTED/UNODC project

Thursday 15 November 2018

The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) are pleased to announce a joint project to enlarge the IAP’s specialist network of Counter-Terrorism (CT) Prosecutors and Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) contact points.