Individual membership of the IAP

Terms of admission

Individual membership of the IAP is open to lawyers who are, or have been, prosecutors. "Prosecutors" means any lawyer who is or has been appointed by or on behalf of the state or other public authority to prosecute criminal offences or who is or has been elected for that purpose and includes lawyers who have regularly been retained by a prosecutor so appointed or elected to conduct or assist in the conduct of criminal prosecutions and also includes examining magistrates.

Individual membership benefits

An individual membership of the IAP gives access to numerous benefits including;

  • Membership of a global network
  • Access to IAP website and area restricted to members
  • Receipt of quarterly newsletter including reports of IAP activities and announcements and articles of interest to the global prosecutor
  • Access to Global Prosecutors E Crime Network[GPEN] training materials and contacts
  • Eligibility to participate in Annual and Regional Conferences
  • Eligibility for the IAP Granting Programme
  • Access to Prosecutors Exchange Programme (PEP)
  • Opportunity to contribute to IAP projects and activities
  • Access to IAP publications Human Rights Manual for Prosecutors and Good Practice Guides
  • Opportunity to publish and distribute articles and papers for prosecutors

Membership validity period

Annual IAP membership year starts on January 1st and ends the following December 31st.

Applications received before 1 October is valid for the current membership year and applications received after that date is valid for the rest of current membership year and the comming. 

If you need more information about membership please contact;

The IAP Secretariat
Hartogstraat 13, 2514 EP
The Hague, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 70 363 0345
Fax: +31 70 363 0367

Once your application and payments has been successfully processed you will receive a final confirmation of your membership and upon request together with a personal IAP Membership ID Card. 


The annual due for an individual member is 50 EUR.

Payment Information

Payment can either be made on-line by using a credit card or by bank transfer.

  1. Online payment by credit card
  2. Bank transfer


Approximately 1 month prior to the end of the current membership year all members of the IAP will receive an invitation to pay their annual dues for next membership year. Another reminder will follow within a couple of weeks.

If payment of a subscription is not made before 31st of December you will automatically lose your access to the IAP benefits. 

If payment of a subscription is not made within 90 days membership will be suspended and a formal notice will be issued by the Secretary-General.

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