Prosecutor's Exchange Program (PEP)

In 2009, the IAP established the Prosecutor Exchange Program (“PEP”). Under the PEP, the IAP encourages and facilitates the coordination and administration of both bilateral prosecutor exchanges and also one-way placements for limited time periods and for specific purposes between the prosecution offices of different but compatible (as to language and legal tradition) countries and legal jurisdictions.

As criminal activity becomes increasingly international, prosecution offices around the world must work together more closely than in previous eras. PEP will facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information, expertise and experience among prosecution offices and contribute to the professional development of both the exchange prosecutors and the offices that they serve.

To date, approximately 50 prosecution agencies from around the world have registered to participate in the PEP. The interests of the registered participants include: wanting assistance with the training and development of prosecutors, wanting assistance with the prosecution of certain kinds of crimes, offering training in many aspects of criminal prosecutions, professional development opportunities for prosecutors, and the mentoring of prosecutors, to name but a few.

If you would like more information about the PEP or are interested in participating in it, please contact either Nicola Mahaffy, Crown Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General, Prosecution Service, British Columbia, Canada + 1 (604) 660 - 9123 or Nicholas Cowdery, Former DPP, New South Wales, Australia,

Prosecutor Exchange Program Manual