Organisational Membership of the IAP

Terms of admission

Organisational membership is open to;

  • An association of prosecutors organised on a country or a jurisdictional basis;
  • A prosecution service organised on a country or a jurisdictional basis, and
  • An organisation, agency or foundation established for the promotion of crime pre­vention measures and the functions of which are closely connected with the prosecu­tion of crime or an international unit, body, organisation or forum established by a state(s) or by a prosecution service to stimulate and improve coordination and cooperation between competent national prosecuting authorities

Organisational membership benefits

Organisational membership of the IAP gives access to numerous benefits including;

  • Access to the IAP Annual and Regional Conferences
  • Full access to the IAP Member's Only Area / Discussions Forum (IAP website)
  • Full access to the Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network (GPEN)
  • Opportunity to participate in Prosecutors Exchange Programme (PEP)
  • Full access to the IAP Archives which contains abstracts and full papers from the most recent IAP events
  • Free quarterly IAP Newsletter for Contact Persons and those nominated for individual membership (see individual membership benefits)
  • Access to advice, information and IAP publications      

Membership validity period

The Annual IAP membership year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Applications  received before 1 October are valid for the current membership year and applications received after that date are valid for the remainder of the current membership year and the following membership year

If you need more information about Organisational Membership please contact:

The IAP Secretariat
Hartogstraat 13, 2514 EP
The Hague, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 70 363 0345
Fax: +31 70 363 0367

Payment Information

Information about level of dues can be obtained from the Secretary-General.

Payment of organisational annual dues can be made on-line by using a credit card or by making a transfer of funds to the bank account of “the Treasury of the International Association of Prosecutors”:

Koningskade 30
2596 AA The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Account no.:
  • IBAN no.: NL16ABNA0487676890
  • Swift no.: ABNANL2A
  • Bank account holder: Stichting Treasury IAP

Any charges related to a bank transfer rest solely with the payer.

Invoices and reminders

Each January all organisational members will receive an invitation to pay their annual dues for the new membership yearYearly subscriptions are payable in full within 90 days of the date of the invoice.

Upon request, means of payment may be negotiated with the Secretary General.

If payment of a subscription is not made within the specified period, membership will be suspended and a formal notice will be issued by the Secretary General. Such notice will be published in the next edition of the IAP Newsletter.

Extension of time to make payment may be negotiated with the Secretary General.



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