Hosting an IAP Conference

In an increasingly more complex world communication is an absolutely vital tool to secure peace, order and harmony. Communication is moreover the most important instrument to make a worldwide association as IAP - represented in more than 125 countries - work efficient and functional.

For that reason the principal aim of organizing an annual conference is – more or less - all about communication; namely to inform, to educate, to network, to enthuse and not least to entertain.

The annual conferences provide the need for qualified legal worldwide adversary and interactions and are the only opportunity for prosecutors to meet exclusively with colleagues from all around the world to discuss subjects in terms which are most relevant to prosecutors.

It’s extremely important to create a forum for prosecutors to exchange experiences and expertise on specific topics chosen by the annual Conference Host and the IAP Secretariat jointly.

Short History of the annual Conferences

The International Association of Prosecutors was established in June 1995 at the United Nations Office inVienna and was formally inaugurated in September 1996 at the 1st General Meeting in Budapest.

At the same time as the General Meeting was taking place the Hungarians hosted the 1st Annual Conference of the IAP with the aim to discuss topics within the objects of the association.

Ever since then it has become an unchangeable practice to arrange the annual conference in early September together with the General Meeting - always in immediate continuation of the autumn meeting of the Executive Committee Meetings.

Through the ages the annual conferences has been quite well-visited by IAP members and accompanying persons but also by a number of special

invited honourable guests as Nelson Mandela, who was awarded the Medal of Honour,  and HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Previous Hosts

Prosecution Services of various sizes with varying settings, technical and social programmes have hosted IAP annual conferences over the years.

However, certain characteristics typical make up the profile of most host institutions, as:

  • Being pioneers in a specific legal fields
  • Able to provide conference leadership and staff support sufficient to handle most practical details of conference administration

While in the short term it seems like there is much to organize and there are many roles to balance, the process has typically proven to be exceedingly energizing and renewing for the institution and employees/prosecutors involved.

Why host an Annual Conference

As a host you have a big say in the theme chosen for your conference, so that it can be targeted to suit your specific interests which make it a perfect opportunity to bring colleagues from all regions of the world together to discuss a theme –  that influence your workday!

By hosting an annual conference you obtain a unique possibility to share your expertise, skills and traditions and not least to exchange experiences with an – always active – audience of fellow prosecutors with different cultures and with different legal backgrounds and traditions.

In other words; expand your office’s knowledge on foreign legal traditions, challenges and developments by opening your doors to the absolute greatest global store of legal wisdom – the members of the International Association of Prosecutors.

Benefits of hosting an IAP conference

First of all the host will - by organizing a showcase conference like this – among other things gain:

  • Extended working relationships with hundreds of fellow prosecutors from all over the world.
  • Valuable contacts for future international co-operations.
  • New perspectives and fresh ideas and the possibilities to try out new legal ideas/point of views
  • Culturally enriching experiences for your staff
  • An inclusive and supportive team spirit among your staff members which make a good foundation for future national and international co-operations
  • National Pride
  • Enhancing joint-venture project with the local travel agency and other local authorities

Secondly; hosting an international conference of this size is a great way of travel in the world – without leaving your city.

Remember the good times shared, insights gained and differences explored will continue to enrich both the host and the guests!

A Host’s Financial Responsibilities

It’s the intention that annual conferences should be more or less self-financed – also saying that all expenses supposed to be covered by the income from the registration fees.

It’s the local organizing committee (the host) that is sole responsible for the conference budget, which covers a potential loss and opposite is the beneficiary of a financial surplus.

The Local Organizing Committee is entitled to 90% of the income from the registration fees. The remainder - matching 10% of the registration fee income yet a minimum 85US$ per participant - is payable to the IAP.

Conference bidding Criteria

It is intended that the IAP Annual Conferences, as far as possible, should move around the regions of the world.

The conferences must – as far as possible – be held in major cities, typical capital cities which enable:

  • senior figures to be invited to attend sessions of the conference or social functions,
  • local national associations to host social functions,
  • members to visit their embassies; and
  • participants to fly direct to the host city

There must be an indication that there will be local high-level support, to help finance the conference, to help sponsoring social events and to provide a person of standing to open the conference.

Conference bidding protocol

a)      Invitations for bids will be made by the Executive Committee at and following the annual conference three years in advance.

b)      Bids must be received by the IAP General-Secretary at least four weeks before following spring meeting of the Executive Committee where all relevant bids will be submitted to the members.

c)      The Executive Commission will make its decision at the meeting related to the annual conference – two years in advance of the conference in question.

d)      The bid should come from a member of the IAP – this will normally be a prosecution service or an association of prosecutors.

e)      Potential bidders must request a copy of: “A host’s Responsibilities” and the bid must clearly meet all the requirements stated,

f)        There should be sufficient local attractions to provide an appropriate number of tours for accompanying persons.