Prosecutors in Difficulty

Standing Committee on Prosecutors in Difficulty

Article 8.2 of the IAP Constitution requires the Executive Committee “to assist members in accordance with the objects of the Association”. The Standing Committee on Prosecutors in Difficulty (SCPID), which operates in accordance with its guiding Protocol, exists to help prosecutors who turn to the IAP for assistance. The IAP has a vital role to play in safeguarding the interests of prosecutors, and, by virtue of the Protocol, clear procedures are now in place to ensure that when prosecutors seek assistance they receive the support they need.    

After receiving a case from the IAP President, the SCPID investigates matters, identifies possible solutions, and make recommendations as to how the case can be resolved. Having ascertained the facts, the SCPID is guided by recognized prosecutorial principles and by the situation in the jurisdiction concerned. The SCPID is committed to ensuring that the interests of prosecutors are fully protected, and that their concerns are handled in a principled way.      

Time is often of the essence, and strict timeframes exist. The SCPID seeks to finalize its report within four weeks of the referral, although this may, exceptionally, be extended if, for example, a fact-finding mission to a particular jurisdiction is required. If the President accepts the SCPID’s report, he will, within three days, seek the endorsement of the IAP Executive Committee, which, in turn, must respond within one week.

The SCPID, the Protocol on the Conduct of Cases of Prosecutors in Difficulty, and the Procedure Time Table, can be accessed here.