Financial Review Committee

To safeguard the financial interests of the IAP and assist the Secretary-General and the Executive Committee in their tasks, a Financial Review Committee is installed.


This Committee should consist of at least three members of the Executive Committee or the Senate who shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and appointed by the General Meeting.


In preparation of each meeting of the Executive Committee, the Secretary-General will provide all necessary information (financial report, report by accountant, future budget, relevant drafts) to the Financial Review Committee whose members will look into the past financial dealings, current status and future budget of the IAP. If necessary, the members of this committee can ask the Secretary-General or other persons questions to clarify any relevant points. All this should happen in due time before the beginning of Executive Committee meetings at which the Financial Review Committee will inform the Executive Committee on its findings.


The Financial Review Committee can add any comments on past, present and future financial dealings of the IAP and should recommend whatever measures seem to help the budgetary status of the IAP.


Since September 2018, the IAP Financial Review Committee comprises: 

  • Jean-Francois Thony, Prosecutor General, Court of Appeal of Colmar, France

  • Runar Torgersen, Senior Public Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Norway

  • Christopher Toth, Deputy Executive Director, National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG) / Director, National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), United States of America

  • Michael Lauber, Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, Switzerland