About the IAP

The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is the only worldwide organization of prosecutors.  It was established in 1995 and now has more than 183 organizational members from over 177 different countries, representing every continent, as well as many individual members.


The IAP was established in June 1995 at the United Nations offices in Vienna. The main impetus leading to its formation was the rapid growth in serious transnational crime; particularly drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud.

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Vision and Objectives

The IAP is an International Community of Prosecutors committed to setting and raising standards of professional conduct and ethics for Prosecutors worldwide; promoting the rule of law, fairness, impartiality and respect for human rights and improving international co-operation to combat crime.

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IAP Officers and Organs

The IAP is run by two main bodies, the Executive Committee which is the management and administrative body and the Senate which is an advisory body.

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Co-operation with others

The IAP has developed close links with many associations and organisations that have similar objectives.

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