IAP Granting Programme

In order to assist suitably experience representatives of prosecution services and associations of prosecutors from as many of the world's low and middle income countries (as defined by the United Nations DAC list) as possible to attend the IAP Annual Conference, the Secretary-General has in the past entered into agreements with the Australian, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish and United Kingdom governments and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and others including Private Industry for financial assistance which has facilitated the attendance of over 25 prosecutors annually.

According to article F of the IAP Granting Protocol, the Executive Committee will appoint one (1) new member to the Granting Programme Committee (GPC) at every Northern Spring Executive Committee Meeting. The Committee shall be composed of the Secretary-General and two members of the Executive Committee, designated by the Executive Committee. The Secretary-General will chair the GPC. Decisions of the GPC are made, by a majority vote based on the number of applications received and the funding available for specific year.

Since March 2020, the IAP Granting Programme Committee comprises: 

  • Kathleen Roussel, Director of Public Prosecutions and Deputy Attorney General, Public Prosecution Service of Canada
  • Claire Loftus, Director of Public Prosecutions, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland

and chair Secretary-General Han Moraal.


The Granting Programme Protocol
Reports from the IAP 2023 Granting Programme

If you think that you would like to contribute financially to the Granting Programme or you think you may be eligible for a grant, contact the Secretary-General at sg@iap-association.org.