Trafficking in Persons Specialist Network for Prosecutors

The Trafficking in Persons Network for Prosecutors (TIPP) is the IAPs specialised group on trafficking in persons. The group brings together prosecutors from all parts of the world for the exchange of experiences and good practices and to support better formal collaboration in a field that is increasingly transnational. The TIPP group is instrumental to bringing the topic of the IAP agenda at both regional and global conferences.

At each year’s Annual meeting, the group comes together in a lively special interest group meeting with prosecutors from all continents to focus on new regional and global developments in the field.

Interested in joining TIPP?
If you are interested in joining and consider yourself to be an expert on Trafficking in Persons, please update your personal membership profile accordingly or register yourself through the IAP website (Apply for Membership section). If you have any questions please contact IAP’s Project and Community Manager, Benn van Alphen (

Trafficking in persons is a complex global problem that requires an informed prosecutorial response. It is an evolving crime with the criminal networks, forms and methods of trafficking and trafficking routes changing constantly. Prosecutors have a key role to play in combating trafficking and it is important that they can obtain the information that will enable them to provide an effective response.