President and Vice-Presidents Protocol


The power and responsibilities of the President are laid out in Article 10 of the IAP Constitution. According to the Constitution the main duty of the President is to preside at the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Meeting, however the most important role is to lead the whole Association. The President has the over-arching guiding role over all the other positions within the IAP but remains always "first among equals".


In accordance with the IAP Constitution article 11.2, Vice-Presidents shall be elected from the members of the Executive Committee serving a term of three years.

The Vice-Presidents shall reside in the region they represent or if not, they shall satisfy the Executive Committee that they are in a position to represent the interests of prosecutors of their region.

The Vice-Presidents' foremost responsibility is to assist the President in discharging their duties. When necessary, the Vice-Presidents are expected to take an active role in Committees, Projects or Working Group established by the Executive Committee and shall consult with the President [and other Vice-Presidents] between Executive Commmittee meetings as needed to ensure the effective implementation of decisions and commitments of the Association.

The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President and the IAP officers in matters pertaining to the perspective regions of the Vice-Presidents. They shall take an active role in securing regions new hosts for Regional Conferences, identify topics for the conferences and work with the IAP officials in preparing the programmes for the conferences. They shall be the official IAP representatives during the Regional Conferences. The Vice-Presidents shall take a leading role in recruiting new individual and organizational members in their region and shall work closely with the IAP officials in responding to complaints against prosecutors in their region and responding to PID requests. The Vice-Presidents shall ensure that the IAP Secretariat is apprised of any development in their regions that would be in the interest of the IAP.