Granting Programme Protocol

IAP Protocol for the Granting Programme

Whereas the International Association of Prosecutors (the “Association”) is committed to promoting good relations between individual prosecutors, prosecutors’ associations and prosecution services and facilitating the exchange and dissemination of information, expertise and experience amongst them;

Whereas the Association welcomes prosecutors from all regions of the world to its Annual Conferences;

Whereas the Association wishes to assist suitably experienced representatives of prosecution services and associations of prosecutors from as many of the world's low and middle income countries (as defined by the United Nations DAC list) as possible to attend the IAP Annual Conference; and

Whereas the Association wishes to support the further education and exposure to international best practices of prosecutors with relevant experience and promising future prosecutorial careers.

The Executive Committee has adopted the following rules for the operation of the Granting Programme for attendance at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors.

The rules also apply mutatis mutandis to other ad hoc Granting Programmes administered by the International Association of Prosecutors.


Eligibility and Preferences

A.     IAP grants are given to one or more members who meet the following criteria:

1.      Is an individual member of the IAP or a formal representative of an organisational member of the IAP; and

2.      Is a citizen from a country on the United Nations DAC list or, in exceptional circumstances, from any other country; and

3.      Is a member of his/her prosecution service or association of prosecutors whose attendance is approved of by the head of that service or association?


B.    Preference is given to applicants who can demonstrate suitable experience, with a minimum of three (3) years as an acting prosecutor, and promise in their future career as prosecutors, and who can demonstrate that participation in the conference will be of significant value to their work as prosecutors or to the organisation that they represent.


C.    A grant will normally be provided to only one person from the same country. In special circumstances, consideration may be given to supporting more than one prosecutor from the same country. Preference will however be given to candidates who have not received grants in the past. In exceptional circumstances, the IAP’s Granting Programme Committee may decide otherwise in order to maintain regional representation or to fulfil a special contribution to the IAP’s Annual Conference.


D.    A grant may cover registration fees, travel costs and accommodation costs. Eligible candidates can apply for support to cover all or part of the costs associated with participation in the Annual Conference.


E.    Grant-recipients must submit a report of their conference participation to the Secretary-General within one month after the conclusion of the Annual Conference, documenting the outcome of their conference participation.



F.     At every Northern Spring Executive Committee Meeting, the Executive Committee will appoint one (1) new member to the Granting Programme Committee (GPC). The Committee shall be composed of the Secretary-General and two members of the Executive Committee, designated by the Executive Committee. The Secretary-General will chair the GPC. Decisions of the GPC are made, by a majority vote based on the number of applications received and the funding available for specific year.


G.    The Secretary-General will decide on a deadline for the submission of Grant-applications. The deadline will be no later than three months prior to the Annual Conference, leaving sufficient time for the evaluation of the applicants and the ensuing Grant-administration.


H.    Immediately after the ‘call for expressions of interests’ to the Annual Conference has been communicated to members, the Secretary-General will post on the IAP’s website that the Granting Programme is open for submissions of applications. The programme and deadline will also be described in the first newsletter following the ‘call of expression of interest’.


I.       Applications should include the following:

a.       Information which demonstrates that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria (individual IAP member or representative of an organization member, citizenship from a country on the United Nations DAC list, and approval and support from the head of their prosecution service);

b.      A brief written statement which demonstrates that the applicant has ‘suitable experience and promise’ in their future career as prosecutor; and

c.       A brief written statement outlining how their ‘participation in the conference will be of significant value’ to their work as prosecutor.


J.     Immediately after the application deadline, the Secretary-General will collect all received applications and present a list of the eligible candidates to the Granting Programme Committee together with the supporting documentation provided by the applicants.


K.    Decisions of the Granting Programme Committee to grant support to an applicant will be based on: The number of applicants, the level of funding available and any other specific needs of the Annual Conference by simple majority.


L.     The Secretary-General will communicate the outcome directly to all applicants and will report the outcome to the Executive Committee.


M.   Once a recipient has registered for the Annual Conference, the Secretary General will arrange, if applicable, payment to the organizing committee of the Annual Conference for registration and, if applicable, accommodation fees. The recipient will receive reimbursement for any other expenses that they have paid for that are covered by the grant. Requests for reimbursement must be made in writing and copies of all receipts must be attached. When the recipient obtains reimbursement for their expenses they must sign for and acknowledge receipt of the funds, and such receipt must also be signed by the Secretary General or by a representative designated by the Secretary-General.



N.    One year before the Annual Conference, the Secretary-General will begin fundraising with the aim of securing major funding donors to support the Granting Programme.


O.    Additionally, all individual IAP members will be encouraged to become Grant-donors. These requests will be made to IAP members through the annual membership-renewal communication from the Secretariat, as well as through advertisements in the IAP newsletter.


P.     The Secretary-General will publish the procedure supporting the Granting Programme on the IAP’s website.


Records and Administration

Q.    The Secretary-General will arrange for the proper and timely transfer of funds to the Grant-recipients as well as for the documentation of the reception of the funds by the Grant-recipients.


R.    The Secretary-General will keep the following records:

1.      The receipt of funds from donors;

2.      The applications received;

3.      The outcome of the Granting Programme Committee’s decision; and

4.      The Grant-recipients’ reports to the IAP.


S.    The Secretary-General shall provide the receipts and supporting documents to the accountant and the IAP Financial Oversight Committee to ensure transparency and accountability.


T.    The Secretary-General shall account for the income and expenses of the Granting Programme in the Annual Financial Report to the Executive Committee. The report must include, but is not limited to:

a.       The funds available for the grants;

b.      The origin of the funds;

c.       The number of applicants; and

d.      The names of the individuals selected as recipients together with the level of funding that has been granted to each of them.


U.    Furthermore, if requested, the Secretary-General may submit the necessary report to major funding donors.


V.    The terms of this Protocol will be reviewed after two (2) years of the date it is adjusted. First evaluation will take place during the Northern Spring Executive Committee Meeting in 2019.