Conference Bidding Protocol

Protocol for the submission and consideration of bids to hold annual conferences of the International Association of Prosecutors

Whereas Article 15.1 of the Constitution of the International Association of Prosecutors provides for a Conference to be held annually at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee; and

Whereas the Executive Committee needs to make clear the basis on which bids should be made and the criteria which it will use to make its decision

There follows a simple framework which, when read in conjunction with the conference manual, explains to potential bidders the basis on which a bid should be framed :

a) Invitations for bids will be made by the Executive Committee at and following the Conference three years before the conference in question;

b) Bids should be received by the Secretariat four weeks before the following Northern Spring meeting of the Executive Committee. Matters of detail can then be explored with the bidders and the Executive Committee will make its decision at its conference meeting two year before the Conference in question.

c) The bid should come from a member of the IAP. This will normally be a prosecution service or an association of prosecutors.

d) Potential bidders must request a copy of the conference bidding material from the Secretariat.

e) The bid should clearly meet the requirements of the conference manual.

f) While consideration will be given to all bids, the Executive Committee will have in mind the need to hold the Annual Conference in all regions of the world. It may therefore be necessary for it to give preference to one bid over another on a regional basis.

In considering any bid the Executive Committee will use the following criteria as a basis for its decision :

1) The Conference will normally be held in a major city. This will often be a capital city as this enables :

-senior figures to be invited to attend sessions of the conference or social functions;
local national organisations to host social functions;
members to visit their embassies; and
participants to fly direct to the host city.

2) There must be conference facilities available which meet the requirements set out in the conference manual.

3)There must be details of the involvement and support of the local prosecution service and its willingness to host a reception during the conference.

4) There must be indications that there will be local high-level support :

-to help finance the conference;
-to help sponsor/subsidise social events; and
-to provide a person of standing to open the conference.

5) There should be an indication of the suitability of the local professional conference consultants.

6) There should be sufficient local attractions to provide an appropriate number of tours for accompanying persons.

7) There should be clear planning both for the accompanying persons and for the social programme.

8) There should be evidence that a local committee will be assembled which will supervise the co-ordination of the work of the conference consultants and local assistance to the Secretariat.

9) There should be a clear indication that the budget can be set at a level which will keep the conference fee at a level which should not normally involve an increase of more than 10% on the previous year.