Who we are


Laurel Baig is a Canadian litigator with more than 15 years of international criminal law experience, including the prosecution of sexual violence crimes. She is currently a Senior Appeals Counsel in Office of the Prosecutor of the Mechanism. She worked for the ICTY prosecution for 10 years and was an active contributor to the ICTY legacy project evaluating the OTP’s role in the prosecution of sexual violence crimes. Laurel has also worked in Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Before joining the United Nations, Laurel practiced law in Canada and served as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. She is a member of the Justice Rapid Response Sexual and Gender Based Violence Investigations Roster. Laurel serves as the co-coordinator of the Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual violence (PSV) Network of the International Association of Prosecutors. (contact info)


Danijel Mihajlovic has worked for various international organisations since 1994. Having lived through the 1990's war in Bosnia, he has dedicated his career first towards peace building and security while working with the ECMM during the war, and later for the advancement of international justice, with the ICTY. He has worked within administration, analysis and language fields for these organisations. While working with the ICTY, he has also pursued a degree in Photography and Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, the Netherlands. He is an active photographer, cinematographer and designer. (contact info)