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Wildlife Justice Commission issue new report



The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) works to disrupt wildlife, fisheries, and timber crime, dismantle criminal networks and encourage the growth of political will to combat these problems.  WJC have just published a new report which highlights the role of corruption as one of the most important enabling factors behind wildlife crime.  It presents a collection of case examples to demonstrate the mechanics and modalities of corruption.  In doing so, this report identifies potential corruption risk points in the wildlife trade supply chain to assist law enforcement and policymakers in understanding how corrupt acts can manifest in relation to wildlife crime and consider workable solutions that could be implemented to mitigate and address these risks. Finally, this report urges for strong action to counter corruption in relation to wildlife crime.  

The report can be viewed at "Dirty Money: The Role of Corruption in Enabling Wildlife Crime”.  

The IAP are working in conjunction with WJC to produce a webinar on wildlife crime for IAP members later in 2023.  More details to follow.