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Rewriting the Sentence Summit: Save the Date


 Rewriting the Sentence Summit: Save the Date

The Center for Justice and Human Dignity (“CJHD”) and the Aleph Institute (“Aleph”) are two nonprofit organizations dedicated to fostering reforms to the criminal legal system that produce better outcomes for all who are affected by it.  

CJHD, supported by Aleph, will be hosting the Rewriting the Sentence II Summit in Washington, D.C. on October 16-17, 2023, focused on alternatives to incarceration. The Summit will be attended by hundreds of current and former federal and state judges, prosecutors, probation officials, and other key stakeholders from across the country.

The Summit will highlight existing successful models of alternatives to incarceration that foster rehabilitative and restorative approaches to criminal justice and demonstrate how they can be expanded and adapted to new jurisdictions throughout the nation. Here are selected photos and quotes from prior Aleph summits and here is a short video compilation from the summits.

If any IAP members are interested in participating in the Summit, further details can be found on the Summit website via the link above.