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Building International Cooperation among Counter-Terrorism Prosecutors - new IAP/CTED/UNODC project


The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) are pleased to announce a joint project to enlarge the IAP’s specialist network of Counter-Terrorism (CT) Prosecutors and Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) contact points.

In order to keep ahead of increasingly sophisticated cross-border terrorist activities, CT practitioners must be fully equipped to swiftly and effectively cooperate with their global counterparts in requesting and sharing digital evidence.

Danya Chaikel has been recruited by the IAP and UNODC as a Consultant to expand the IAP’s existing community tool for specialist CT prosecutors, the Counter Terrorism Prosecutors Network (CTPN). On the foundation of the existing CTPN, Danya is developing the network by reaching out to IAP Organisational Member Contact Persons to ensure that they register/update the data for their national CT and MLA specialists, and she is contacting prosecution services that are not IAP members in order to broaden the scope of the network. All data will be uploaded on the IAP’s existing CTPN, and will be password protected and maintained within the framework of the IAP.

- Join a global counter-terrorism network of prosecutors: As an individual IAP member, you can also participate in and access the global network of CT prosecutors and MLA contacts (and all IAP specialist networks) by updating your personal data on the IAP website http://www.iap-association.org/. Login with your personal username and password and click on the box called ‘access your personal user menu’. In the ‘Title’ line, consider adding your full job title. As an IAP Member you can already view other CT and MLA specialists by searching under the ‘Find Members’ link and selecting a country to view.

- The benefits of participating in the CTPN include quick secure access to names and contact details of specialists from around the world, including specific MLA contacts for formal requests, and to those of CT prosecutors, for more urgent cases or for informal questions in situations that require quick answers and guidance. The benefits aim to improve CT prosecutors' knowledge and capacity to successfully engage in international cooperation in combating terrorism and organised crime.

- Please do not hesitate to contact Danya Chaikel (lc@iap-association.org) to find out more about the project. Should you have any questions or experience any problems with uploading information onto our user menu, contact Benn van Alphen, IAP Project & Community Manager (pcm@iap-association.org).