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The International Association of Prosecutors Censures Threats to Officials of the International Criminal Court


The IAP expresses its deep concern in an official statement. 


The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), founded in 1995, is the only worldwide organisation of prosecutors, prosecuting authorities and associations. It covers six continents and over 175 jurisdictions, representing over 350,000 prosecutors. The IAP is a non-political and non-governmental organisation, seeking to ensure that prosecutorial standards are upheld, and to promote the rule of law, fairness and respect for human rights.

The IAP is committed to upholding the rights of prosecutors and their organisations. The IAP seeks to ensure that all prosecutors, and their families, are protected from any action that could hinder the independent discharge of their prosecutorial functions.

The IAP is aware that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a longstanding member of the IAP, is investigating possible crimes committed by parties to the conflict in Afghanistan, in accordance with its founding treaty, the Rome Statute.

The IAP has learned of remarks made by the United States Secretary of State, Mr. Michael Pompeo, in relation to the investigation. During a media briefing on 17 March 2020, Secretary Pompeo named two members of the Prosecutor’s staff and implied measures could be imposed on these individuals and their families.

The IAP wishes to register its deep concern at the naming of ICC personnel and veiled threats regarding their families. The IAP condemns any attempt to interfere with the work of independent prosecutors. The Office of the Prosecutor is an independent body within the ICC and any attempt to obstruct the performance of its statutory duties is a threat to the rule of law.


The Hague, The Netherlands