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The AG’s Office of Indonesia and UNODC hosted conference ‘Promoting Restorative Justice’


The Attorney General’s Office of Indonesia and UNODC Indonesia successfully co-hosted a virtual conference titled “Promoting Restorative Justice: Strengthening the Rule of Law Through a Restorative Approach” (16/05/2022).

This side event of the 31st Session of CCPCJ aimed to promote, discuss, and share best practices in applying the restorative justice approach; as the Attorney General of Indonesia, ST Burhanuddin, highlighted, “Restorative Justice is a need of a global community.” A measure of justice is no longer retributive: it is now oriented around the recovery of the victims and the perpetrators, considering the expediency principle.

  • Dr Fadil Zumhana, Deputy Attorney-General for General Crimes, Indonesia, presentation ppt;
  • Tim Chapman, Chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, presentation ppt;
  • Ukrit Sornprohm, Project Manager / Lead Researcher, Thailand Institute of Justice, presentation pdf.

Watch the video of the virtual conference here.