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Statement of the International Association of Prosecutors on the Situation in Afghanistan


The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is the only worldwide organisation of prosecutors, and is both non-governmental and non-political. It covers six continents and represents prosecutors and their associations in over 175 jurisdictions. Its mandate includes upholding the rights of prosecutors, and representing their interests. 

The IAP expresses its grave concern over the situation of prosecutors in Afghanistan, following the fall of its former Government.

The Office of the Attorney General of Afghanistan and the Afghan Prosecutors Association are organisational members of the IAP, while some prosecutors hold individual membership, and the IAP is committed to upholding their professional interests and personal welfare.

The prosecutors of Afghanistan have faithfully served their country, in accordance with the law of the land and their oaths of office, and conscientiously sought to provide it with a fair legal system which upholds the rule of law.  

The IAP calls upon the incoming Government to respect the status of prosecutors, irrespective of gender, to ensure their safety, to defend their interests, to prevent penalization for prior service, and to enable them to pursue their professional careers on terms no less favorable than those previously enjoyed.

The IAP will continue to monitor the progress of Afghan prosecutors, and to use its good offices on their behalf as the situation unfolds.

The IAP stands ready to engage with the incoming Government in furtherance of the best interests of the prosecutors of Afghanistan.

The Hague, 25 August 2021