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Record of Nominations Executive Committee Under Article 8.6 of the IAP Constitution


In the last newsletter, the IAP Secretariat published the nominees for election by the General Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, 27 September 2022, in accordance with art. 8.6, 10.4, and 11.3 of the IAP Constitution. 

After the publishing of the list of nominees, the Executive Committee decided to also nominee Ms. Jeanette Manning (National Association of Attorney Generals, USA) for election by the General Meeting for a seat as ordinary member.
For that reason, the full list of nominees, now including Ms. Manning, is posted on IAP's website:

Candidate for President:

  • MAHIQUES, Juan Bautista, Prosecutor General of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Candidates for Vice-Presidents:

  • BABB, Lloyd Director of Public Prosecutions, NT, Australia (Asia & Pacific), 
  • GOGADZE, Giorgi, National Member for Georgia at Eurojust (Eastern Europe/Central Asia),
  • ROUSSEL, Kathleen, Director of Public Prosecutions and Deputy Attorney General, Canada (Northern America and the Caribbean),
  • TONG, Jianming. First Deputy Prosecutor General; People’s Republic of China (Asia & Pacific). 

Candidates for Ordinary Membership:

Africa and the Indian Ocean: 

  • ALI, Djama Souleymane, Prosecutor General of Djibouti (1st term),

  • HAJI, Noordin, M, Director of Public Prosecutions, Kenya (1st term). 

Asia and Pacific: 

  • DOWLING, Sally, Director of Public Prosecutions, NSW, Australia (1st term),

  • SANG, Ip Son, Prosecutor General, Macao SAR (1st term), 

  • SHIM, Woo Jung, Chief Prosecutor, South Korea (1st term),

Eastern Europe and Central Asia:  

  • VENEDIKTOVA, Iryna, Prosecutor General, Ukraine (1st term).


  • ADAMIS, Paris, National Member for Greece at Eurojust (2nd term),

  • HARVIE, David, Crown Agent, Scotland, United Kingdom (1st term), 

  • LEITNER, Michael, Deputy Prosecutor General, Austria (1st term),

  • PIERSE, Catherine, Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland (1st term) 

Latin America: 

  • FREITAS, Manuel Pinheiro, Prosecutor General of Céara, Brazil (1st term).

Middle East and Northern Africa: 

  • ALQORONY, Abdulaziz Fahad, Head of International Division, Saudi Arabia (1st term).

North America and the Caribbean:

  • MANNING, Jeanette, Director NAGTRI, National Association of Attorney Generals, USA (1st term). 

Candidate for Election as Supernumerary Member:

  • FÈVRE, Fréderic President of AIPPF for election as a supernumerary member in accordance with article 8.12 of the IAP Constitution Annex 5.

According to article 8.6.A, 10.4 and 11.3 of the IAP Constitution, the members can nominate candidates themselves for the Executive Committee. If more candidates are nominated by the Executive Committee and the membership together, then there will be an election during the General Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia on Tuesday 27 September 2022. For more information, please contact IAP's Secretary General, Han Moraal (sg@iap-association.org).