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Candidates for IAP Conflict Committee


Please see list of candidates to be nominated for election during the 25th General Meeting 

Record of nominations under article 17.5

In accodance with Article 17.5 the Conflict Committee shall consist of five members, of which the quorum shall be three, who shall be appointed by the General Meeting and shall serve for a term of three years. Members of the Conflict Committee shall be eligible for reappointment and may resign by notice in writing to the Secretary-General. Members of the Conflict Committee may not be members fo the Executive Committee.

On behalf of the Executive Committee we are pleased to announce the candidates agreed by the Executive Committee to be nominated for election to the IAP Conflict Committee during the 25th General Meeting of the International Association of prosecutors.


  • Thomas Burrows, IAP Senator, USA
  • Nick Cowdery, Chair IAP Senate, Australia
  • Francois Falletti, IAP Senator, France
  • Henk Marquart Scholtz, IAP Senator, The Netherlands
  • Wendy Stephen, IAP Senator, Canada

Han Moraal, Secretary-General of IAP