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Interested in joining the IAP Executive Committee?


In 2020, five ordinary membership vacancies will arise in the Executive Committee.                          DEADLINE FOR NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES 23 March 2020

Nominations for election to the Executive Committee are made by the Executive Committee in accordance with Article 8.6 of the IAP Constitution. In addition to the Executive Committee, the IAP membership may also nominate candidates for the Executive Committee – such nominations require the endorsement of not less than five organisational members and or no fewer than ten individual members from four different countries or more. Nominations submitted by membership shall - in accordance with Article 8.6 - be submitted to the Secretary General for election at the General Meeting at least two months before the meeting, which usual takes place in September.

The membership of the Executive Committee shall reflect, as far as reasonably possible, the regions of the world in which the Association is represented.  The five vacancies arise is the following regions: Asia (1), Europe (1), Latin America (1) North American and Caribbean (2).

During the 47th Meeting of the Executive Committee in Oslo, April 2019, the Executive Committee agreed to introduce an informal change of the nomination procedure, to allow the Membership an earlier and extra possibility to nominate candidates for a seat on the Committee. Hence, we invite the Membership to nominate candidates to the Executive Committee ahead of the Northern Spring Meeting of the Executive Committee (2 – 3 April 2020) so that these nominations can be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration as any other candidates in accordance with Article 8.6.

Please note: When considering candidates, the Executive Committee strives to establish and maintain a fair balance of female and male representatives on the Committee. Currently there are 17% women in the Committee, that is why the Committee strongly encourages female candidates to apply.

If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee and fulfills the criteria for nomination please fill in the attached nomination form and send it to the IAP Secretary General (ed@iap-assocition.org) together with a proof of the endorsement of five organisational members or by ten individual members from four countries or more.

Please download the criteria for nomination of candidates and the nomination form, which includes the Executive Committee members “Code of Conduct”.

For more information please contact the IAP Executive Director, Janne Holst Hübner (ed@iap-association.org ).