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IAP Newsletter - October 2021


The October 2021 edition of the newsletter is available to IAP Members.

IAP Members can download this edition of the IAP Newsletter here.

The 82nd edition of the newsletter includes:

  • Message from IAP President
  • Editorial from the Secretary-General
  • General Counsel's Comments
  • 26th IAP General Meeting - October 21-22, 2021, 12:00 GMT - Registration and Attendance 
  • 26th IAP General Meeting - October 21-22, 2021, 12:00 GMT - Important Information
  •  26th IAP General Meeting - October 21-22, 2021, 12:00 GMT - Proposals for consideration by the membership
  • 6th North American and Caribbean Virtual Regional Conference
  • IAP Special Achievement Award Recipients
  • Interview with Gemma Moran, former IAP Senior Legal Advisor
  • IAP: Focus on Security and Independence of Prosecutors
  • SCPID: Supporting prosecutors facing pressure and at risk
  • Prosecutors and the Autonomy of the Office in Chile
  • Will the independence of the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office be preserved?
  • The Latin American Federation of Prosecutors and the protection of prosecutors in Latin America
  • Conference of Heads of Prosecutor's Offices of European States
  • IAP President emets prosecutors from abroad staying as visiting scholars at the Institute of Justice (IOJ) in Kora
  • IAP Webinar - International COVID Vaccine Fraud: a Briefing on Current Trends
  • IAP-GPEN and Council of Europe Series of Webinars
  • Celebration of the 130 of the Public Prosecution Service of the State of Ceará
  • IAP granted UN Special Consultative Status
  • The IAP congratulates Mr. Grenville Cross for Gold Bauhinia Star award
  • Call for articles for future newsletter
  • IAP Staff and Contact Information

Call for contributions: We invite you to contribute to next or any future newsletters. If you are interested in enriching the IAP Newsletter please contact the IAP Communication Manager at cm@iap-association.org.