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IAP Newsletter - October 2020


The October 2020 edition of the newsletter is available to IAP Members.

Please visit the IAP website (password protected) also for the previous editions through: http://www.iap-association.org/Publications/Newsletters

The 77th edition of the newsletter indexes according to publication:

  • The 2020 IAP General Meeting - 14:00 GMT, 24th November, The Hague
  • Update to the Membership: The new IAP Membership Management Software
  • Message from the IAP President
  • Editorial
  • General Counsel's Comments
  • The 2020 IAP General Meeting - Attendance 
  • The 2020 IAP General Meeting - Rules of Procedure
  • The 2020 IAP General Meeting - Meeting Agenda
  • Candidates for IAP Conflict Committee
  • 2020 Nominees for IAP Executive Committee
  • The IAP Webinars
  • IAP President's Presentation at the Webinar on Judicial Independence and Transnational Corruption
  • The IAP in the 10th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime
  • Registrations are now open for the Webinar on Effective Access to Electronic Evidence: towards a new Protocol to the Budapest Convention
  • IAP Conferences and Events
  • 26th IAP Annual Conference and General Meeting 2021

Call for contributions: We invite you to contribute to next or any future newsletters. If you are interested in enriching the IAP Newsletter please contact the IAP Secretary-General sg@iap-association.org.