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IAP Newsletter - November 2023


The 91st Edition of the IAP Newsletter is now available to members.

IAP Members can download this edition of the IAP Newsletter here.

The 91st Edition includes:

  • Message from the IAP President
  • ​Secretary-General's Editorial
  • Theme Articles: The Changing Nature of Crime in the 21st Century
  • The 28th IAP Annual Conference and General Meeting
  • IAP Awards and Honorary Memberships 2023
  • Granting Programme 2023
  • The 7th Latin American Regional Conference
  • Upcoming IAP Conferences
  • General Counsel's Comments
  • 56th Executive Committee Meeting London
  • 28th IAP General Meeting London
  • General Meeting Elections
  • The IAP Secretariat Marks the Passing of its Former General Counsel
  • The IAP Deplores the Murder of Equador Prosecutor General Reascos
  • The IAP Granted Observer Status with GLOBE
  • The IAP Granted Observer Status with Egmont Group
  • IAP Past Webinar Recordings
  • IAP Ucoming Webinars

Call for contributions: We invite you to contribute to next or any future newsletters. If you are interested in enriching the IAP Newsletter please contact the IAP Secretariat at info@iap-association.org.