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Candidates for IAP Vice Presidents and Ordinary Members of the IAP Executive Committee



The IAP Executive Committee is the managing and administrative body of the Association. The powers and duties of the Executive Committee members are set out in Article 8.2 of the IAP Constitution. The Executive Committee governs the affairs of the Association, subject to the authority of the General Meeting, which is the supreme authority of the Association.

Article 8.2.g of the IAP Constitution assigns the Executive Committee the power to make nominations to the General Meeting for the appointment of members of the Executive Committee and for the election of the President and Vice-Presidents.

The Constitution requires that the membership of the Executive Committee shall reflect, so far as is reasonably possible, the regions of the world in which the Association has members. This year there are vacancies relating to several regions of the world.

During the Northern Spring Meeting, which was held in Macao, SAR, People’s Republic of China on 18 – 19 April 2024 and during a subsequent digital consultation, the Executive Committee approved the nomination of the following candidates for election to the Executive Committee at the General Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 01 October 2024.

Candidates for Vice-President:
  1. Kamran Aliyev, Prosecutor General, Azerbaijan (Eastern Europe and Central Asia, for one additional year of a 3rd term)
  2. Shamila Batohi, National Director of Public Prosecutions, South Africa (Africa and Indian Ocean, 1st term).
  3. Michael Leitner, Deputy Prosecutor General, Austria (Europe, 1st term)
  4. Nayef Mahmood, Advocate General, Bahrain (Middle East and Northern Africa, 1st term)
Candidates for Ordinary Member:
  1. Mohammed Hassan AbdulRahim, Advocate General, Dubai Public Prosecution, UAE (for one additional year of a 3rd term)
  2. Jane Abodo, Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda (2nd term)
  3. Renato Finocchi Ghersi, Advocate General, Supreme Court of Cassation, Italy (1st term)
  4. Grace Ononiwu, Director of Legal Services, Crown Prosecution Service, England and Wales (1st term)
  5. Phairach Pornsomboonsiri, Deputy Attorney General, Thailand (1st term)
  6. Laureline Peyrefitte, Director of Criminal Affairs and Pardons, Ministry of Justice, France (1st term)

Please note that, in accordance with Article 8.6A of the IAP Constitution, nominations for election as an ordinary member of the Executive Committee may also be made by not less than five organisational members or by not less than ten individual members coming from four or more different countries.  No member may nominate more than one candidate.  Any such nomination must be notified to the Secretary-General at sg@iap-association.org in writing by Friday 02 August 2024 at the latest.  If no such nomination is received, the person or persons nominated by the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be elected.

For more information about the criteria for application and the requirements of office, please contact the IAP Executive Director at ed@iap-association.org.