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Call for Applications for the 2022 IAP Granting Programme


The IAP is committed to promoting good relations between individual prosecutors, prosecutor associations, and prosecution services. It is also committed to facilitating the exchange and dissemination of information, expertise, and experience amongst them.

The IAP welcomes prosecutors from all regions of the world to its Annual Conferences; and wishes to assist suitably experienced representatives of prosecution services and associations of prosecutors from as many of the world’s low and middle-income countries as possible in attending the 2022 IAP Annual Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, 25-29 September.
The IAP Granting Programme is exclusively supported by voluntary contributions from governments and individual members of the IAP.
In order to be eligible for a grant, a prosecutor must be:

  1. an official representative of an organisational member of the IAP; or

  2. an individual member whose attendance is supported or approved by the organisational member (the head of a prosecution service or association);

  3. and who is a citizen from a country on the United Nations DAC list or, in exceptional circumstances, from any other country.

Support will normally be provided to only one person per country and generally is not offered to the same person twice.
If you are interested in applying for the 2022 IAP Granting Programme, please send a letter of inquiry with a CV which expresses the motivation to apply, also expressing the benefits for both the IAP and you and your prosecution service, with a proof of the support/approval of the organisational member to the IAP Secretary-General (sg@iap-association.org) before 1 July 2022. We will use this letter to determine your basic eligibility to fit the selection criteria.
Access the IAP Protocol for the Granting Programme here
Please note: We generally receive more applications than the IAP Granting Programme can fund. Unfortunately, we are therefore compelled to reject several applications every year. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email, (Benn van Alphen at pcm@iap-association.org), should you have any questions or need more information about the eligibility for the Granting Programme 2022.