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Successful outcome of Military SIGM


Successful outcome of the first Special Interest Group Meeting for Prosecutors dealing with Military Prosecutions hosted in Dublin, Ireland in September 2016.

The first SIGM for prosecutors dealing with Military Prosecutions took place on Monday 12 September 2016 in Dublin, Ireland during the 21st IAP Annual Conference and General Meeting on the topic “Independence in the prosecution and investigation of military criminal cases both domestically and on international operations”.

Bruce MacGregor, The Canadian Director of Military Prosecutions and John Spierin, The Irish Director of the Military Prosecutions facilitated the meeting. Speakers in session were; Jennifer Woodward, Director of Military Service, Australia, David Antonyshyn, Lieutenant Colonel, Assistant Director of the Canadian Military Prosecutions and Albert van den Kerk representing the Dutch Military Service. The session turned out to be a pure magnet on people and the organizers were forced to reject several participants.    


The purpose of the SIGM was to provide a forum for discussion for prosecutors involved with military prosecutions, whether they are civilian or military on a chosen topic (see above) but also to discuss a proposed development of a network under the auspices of the IAP, embracing all prosecutors dealing with cases concerning military personal and to provide them with an invaluable forum through which they can exchange  national experience, identify common challenges and discuss ways to address them, and to share and promote good practices.