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IAP Regional Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye

Date: Tuesday 2 May 2023 - Friday 5 May 2023

Location: Istanbul, Türkiye

Conference Information

  • Theme: "Effective Investigation in the Age of Digitalisation"
  • Fee: EUR 325 participants/ EUR 200 Partners
  • Host: General Prosecution Office of the Supreme Court of Appeal of Türkiye

Conference theme:

The theme of the IAP Regional Conference to be held in İstanbul on 2-5 May 2023 has been determined as "Effective Investigation in the Age of Digitalization". As it is known, in parallel with technological developments today, the types of crimes committed in the digital environment by using information systems continue to increase in various ways. These crimes have transnational characteristics and negatively affect the legal, economic and social order of countries. Crimes committed in cyberspace such as espionage, terrorism, money laundering, card forgery, arms smuggling, child sexual abuse, trafficking in organs, racism, and xenophobia pose a great danger to the societies.

Due to the fact that these crimes are transnational and violate the legal order of the countries, there are difficulties in conducting investigations and gathering evidences. While overcoming these difficulties, a legal balance should be established between the rights of the accused and the interests of justice and the benefit of the victim. It is an important problem that there are countries that are not party to the Council of Europe's Convention on Cybercrime or UN resolutions, and also do not have bilateral agreements or memorandums. Considering that countries have different legal systems, there are significant problems in gathering and using the evidence of these crimes quickly and in accordance with the law and international standards. Therefore, cooperation between countries becomes increasingly crucial.

The effects of cybercrime on national economies have also reached significant dimensions. In recent years, the economic values, which are ​​obtained by crypto money fraud, the use of cryptocurrency for money laundering damage the country's economies. Accordingly, the confiscation of property obtained from crime is a separate legal problem.

In the age of digitalization, artificial intelligence has also started to be used in criminal investigations. For this reason, the appearance of artificial intelligence in criminal procedure and its criminal liability should be discussed and evaluated. It will be beneficial to discuss the practices and legislation of countries in our conference on this subject, which is different from the classical investigation methods and has not yet established a situated practice.



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