About the Theme

Theme: “Combating Evolving Threat of Financing Terrorism and Money Laundering”.

Financing Terrorism is a serious concern for international community. Terrorists require money to operate, buy weapons, equipment, supplies or services and they are continuously increasing and evolving their ability to diversify and renew not only the source of their funds but also channels and instruments they used to transfer those funds.

The conference aims to shed the light on new financing terrorism methods and to provide a forum primarily for Prosecutor Generals, Attorney generals, Directors of Public Prosecution, Senior and Mid-levels prosecutors to build a platform, collaborate and learn from one another and formulate effective strategies in response to Financing terrorism and Money Laundering.

The Conference will identify and focus on:

  •  Investigative and prosecution techniques to strengthen how financing terrorism offences are prosecuted while discussing current and emerging issues and trends, and challenges.
  • The International Instruments of combating Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism.
  • Methods and trends used to Financing Terrorism including sources of the funds (looting, donations and other sources) and used of funds for activities related to Terrorist recruitment.
  • Techniques to infiltrate, investigate, and disrupt terrorism networks that engage in money laundering including a focus on illicit asset forfeiture and corruption.
  • Good practices on terrorist financing risk assessments.
  • The role Internet plays in continuing criminal activity, the role of virtual currencies in financing terrorism, prevention campaigns and outreach to vulnerable communities.
  • Challenges in implementing effective Freezing of assets mechanisms to stem the flow of the funds to terrorists.
  • knowledge gaps and suggested possible recommendations for further potential steps generated during the conference.

Featuring speakers:  are Prosecutors and Experts from Egypt, African, Arabic and European countries and relevant UN agencies and International Organizations including UNODC, UNCTED, INTERPOL.