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8th Regional Conference - 2012

Date: Monday 16 April 2012 - Thursday 19 April 2012

Location: Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Taipei, Chinese Taipei, 16 - 19 April 2012, 8th Regional Conference
“Combating Economic Crime through Asset Recovery"
Attandance:  161 delegates from 33 countries + 2 International Organisations

Conference Theme:

Conference theme: Combating Economic Crimes through Asset Recovery

  • Topic 1: Consideration of non-conviction based Asset Forfeiture.
  • Topic 2: The development of Asset Forfeiture Legislation and International Trends
  • Topic 3: International cooperation in Asset Recovery.
  • Topic 4: A Strategy to Combat Economic Crimes – Building an efficient Anti-money Laundering Framework between Financial Institutions and Investigative Agencies.
  • Topic 5: Proper use of Forfeited Property – Establishing Asset Forfeiture Funds and Property Sharing Systems.
  • Topic 6: Protecting Bona Fide Third Parties’ rights in Asset Recovery.

Target Group


This event is aimed at all levels of prosecutors and allows prosecutors from the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region and sometimes beyond to mix with each other to promote understanding and a greater sense of community between prosecutors wherever they are located within the region.