Welcome Message

As General Prosecutor in the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Albania I have the honor to invite You to participate in the 16th European Regional Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors “New Investigative Approaches to Tackle Criminal Organizations using Internet”, which will be held on 22 – 24 May 2017, in Tirana, Albania.

We have the honor to organize in Albania for the first time a European Regional Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors IAP and since this is a topic of great importance to prosecutors around the globe, the conference will provide an opportunity to be informed on new investigative measure in tackling criminal organizations using internet, to exchange best practices in fighting this crime, as well as to increase the international cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

We would appreciate, if you could come to Albania to participate in the Conference and to enjoy the Albanian hospitality and friendship. Tirana is the capital and largest City of Albania and as well the heart of Albania's cultural, economic and governmental activity. Tirana is a city with a rich history dating from the Paleolithic times back 10,000 to 30,000 years ago to the present day and one of largest cities in the Balkan Peninsula that ranks 7th with a population of 800,000.

The venue of the Conference Hotel “The Plaza Tirana” is the newest Hotel and the perfect place to meet and celebrate in Tirana, Albania.

You are invited to schedule this activity in Your Agenda now and complete the form to sign up and to receive exciting conference developments.

I am looking forward to meeting many colleagues in Tirana in May 2017.