Conference Documentation

Special Presentation - Global Prosecutor's E-Crime Network

Sarah Lennard Brown, GPEN PowerPoint

Session 1: “Ransomeware: The new El Dorado for Cybercriminals”

Geert Schoorens, Federal Magistrate, Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels, Belgium PowerPoint 

Session 2: “ Connecting the Dots: How to improve the traditional Lawful Interception Infrastructures with new Investigation Tools oriented to Social Networks, Deep and Dark Web”

Mauro Collalto, Chief Executive Officer of IPS, Italy. PowerPoint

Session 3: Use of the Web by Criminality:The new border of Deep Web, Dark Web and Bitcoin. Difficulty of Contrast and Special Investigation Techniques"

Cataldo Motta, Former Head of Regional Directorate Anti Mafia of Lecce, Italy

Session 4: “Handling of digital evidence and presenting it at court"

Ivan Glavić, Deputy Municipal State Attorney in Zagreb,Croatia. PowerPoint

Session 5: “Formal Mutual legal assistance in organized crime cases using the internet as medium of communication”

Christian Schierholt, Chief Senior Public Prosecutor – Head of Central Unit Organised Crime and Corruption, Germany. PowerPoint

Session 6: “Case management with application of the means of searching for evidence. Cooperation with the Intelligence Services and Information Analyses”

Thoma JANO, Director of Department of Interception of Electronic Communications and Relationship with Informative Services in GPO, Albania Speech

Session 7: “Fighting organized crime by specialised Prosecution Office” 

Eduard C. Gueroff, EU Seconded Prosecutor, IPA Project International Cooperation in Criminal Justice: Prosecutors’ Network of the Western Balkans. PowerPoint

Session 8: “Cybercrime – phenomena, prosecution and challenges”

Cai Rüffer, Public Prosecutor from the General Prosecution Office Frankfurt/Hessen, Member of a specialized Unit for fighting Cybercrime. PowerPoint 

Session 9: “Turkey’s Practice in Obtaining Digital Evidence and Its Presentation to Court”

Mehmet Akarca, General Prosecutor of Republic of Turkey PowerPoiknt