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16th Regional Conference 2017

Date: Monday 22 May 2017 - Wednesday 24 May 2017

Location: Tirana, Albania

  • Venue:                        Tirana, Hotel "The Plaza Tirana"
  • Period:                        22 – 24 May 2017
  • Limitation:                 100 participants (First Come – First Served)
  • Fee:                              200 EUR
  • Language:                 English

Conference theme

Theme: "New Investigative Approaches to Tackle Criminal Organizations using Internet"

In the 21st century, electronic communication systems have radically changed the way in which information is exchanged, shared, perceived and used. In the latest years, over-the-top content providers such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. started to secure their Internet sessions using strong encryption of data between users and servers.

In addition, the widespread use of applications for smartphones and tablets based on proprietary protocols and encryption capabilities (i.e. WhatsApp, Tango, Viber, etc.) have inexorably devalued, if not cancelled the investigative skills and capabilities of Intelligence Agencies in their continuous fight against criminal and terroristic organizations.

Law Enforcement Agencies who tackle these challenges need to implement a different approach with new IT technologies and software tools, improve skills and expertizes along with well-defined best practices in order to increase their investigative outcomes and get benefits from a multitude of data that, despite everything, are always available on the communication network.

This is a topic that is of great importance to prosecutors around the globe. The conference will provide an opportunity to be informed on new investigative measure in tackling criminal organizations using internet, to exchange best practices in fighting this crime, as well as to increase the international cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

About the conference

The IAP is hosting regional conferences in 6 different regions throughout the world. The region with the longest standing tradition for hosting IAP Regional Conferences is Europe and this conference is the 16th. The aim of the Regional Conferences is to bring together relatively young and junior prosecutors in an informal atmosphere to join in discussions with colleagues from other countries/jurisdictions and legal systems in order to gain new insights on problems which they face day to day. This remains the format in Europe and the (Western) European conference, which is extremely popular and usually attract about 75 - 120 participants.

This 16th Regional Conference also takes on a more informal and educative stance and we try to choose themes which raise awareness amongst those attending who may be meeting prosecutors from beyond their jurisdiction for the first time. 

Conference target group

As well as presenting an interesting and informative programme of practical value to any prosecutor in Europe who finds himself or herself dealing with cases involving judicial cooperation in criminal matters, this event allows prosecutors from all over Western Europe and possibly further afield to mix with each other thus improving understanding across borders and promoting a greater sense of community between prosecutors wherever they are located.

The number of participants is limited to 75 - 100, hence places will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis. You are therefore encouraged to register early to avoid any dissapointments. Non-members of the IAP are welcome to participate subject to availability, on the basis that they are expected to join the IAP upon attendance (if fulfilling criteria).

Please note: The IAP reserves the right to restrict the number of participants from each country or region in order to achieve an appropriate geographical balance.