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7th Central and Eastern European and Central Asian Conference, Sochi, Russia

Date: Monday 9 November 2015 - Thursday 12 November 2015

Location: Sochi, Russian Federation

  •  Conference Venue    Radisson Sochi, Russia
  • Conference period:     9 - 11 November 2015
  • Conference theme:     “Combating Terrorism and Violent Extremism"
  • Conference website:   http://iap2015.genproc.gov.ru/

The conference brings together leading authorities and frontline prosecutors in a unique forum to discuss current and future challenges for prosecutors in combating terrorism and violent extremism. Current developments, in the region and worldwide, has law enforcement and prosecution authorizes confronted with unprecedented challenges in how to counter terrorism and violent extremism. 

Over two days, the conference takes up key topics in authoritative keynote addresses and intense workshops. Some of the many important themes include the role of prosecutors in:

  • preventing the ideology of terrorism from spreading
  • stopping the financing of terrorist networks and its connection to organized crime
  • collaboration with civil society in counter-terrorist measures
  • coordination of counter-terrorism activities  of law enforcement and special authorities
  • enforcing the UN Security Res 2178 (2014) to prevent foreign fighters from travelling to member states and to prosecute foreign terrorist fighters.
  • investigating and bringing terrorist cases to court.
  • ensuring the respect of international human rights standards in counter terrorism activities of law enforcement agencies.
  • cross jurisdictional cooperation 

Furthermore, the conference takes up the question of how to reinforce the international legal frameworks, what role the UN and regional international organizations can and should play, and how the increasing use of specialized networks (e.g. the IAP counter terrorism network and European Judicial Networks) can best be enforced and utilized.