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6th Regional Conference - 2011

Date: Tuesday 4 October 2011

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan 2011, 6th Regional Conference:
"The role of prosecution in asuring legal compliance outside the criminal justice arena"


‘Recommendations emerging from 6th IAP Regional Conference for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Astana, October 4-6, 2011 , on “The Role of Prosecution in Assuring Legal Compliance outside the Criminal Justice Arena”

Conference venue:   Astana, Kazakhstan 
Conference period
:   4 - 6 October 2011
Conference fee:        150 EUR
Conference websitewww.iapastana2011.kz

Conference Theme: The role of prosecution in assuring legal compliance outside the criminal justice arene 

The components of the theme are elaborated as follows;

  • The majority of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia belong to a group where the competencies of prosecution service include civil, administrative, labor, family and election law as well as the protection of the social rights and interests of persons amongst socially vulnerable population groups, such as minors, the disabled and indigents
  • Growing engagement of the state in solving such modern problems as protection of the environment, consumer rights and public health could lead to broadening the role of prosecution bodies
  • The development of legal information is increasingly reliant on the introduction of the latest information and computer technology. The national and global telecommunications networks for the state's legal system, opens up new and fundamental possibilities for organizing economic, social, culturel and labor activities of people, creating a system of efficient state administration.

Conference Aim:

Formulation of detailed standards (criteria) for planning, realizing, monitoring and evaluating policy regarding the role of prosecution bodies in the provision of remedies.

About Astana;

Astana has been the capital of Kazakstan since 1997. In 1999 UNESCO proclaimed Astana as the City of Peace.

Astana is the largest business, diplomatic, commercial and cultural center of the country. A great number of modern architectural and city-planning projects are being realized very rapidly, and the city is growing more beautiful every day-changing before our very eyes.

Sights and monuments in the national style, extraordinary architectual buildings, cultural and entertainment centers, museums, theatres and gallerias, shopping centers, metropolitian avenues, cuisines of different nations - all this you can find in Astana, the youngest capital in the world.


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