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3rd IAP African & Indian Ocean Regional Conference

Date: Sunday 2 March 2014 - Tuesday 4 March 2014

Location: Livingstone, Zambia

Conference Venue:       Livingstone, Zambia
Conference period
:       2 - 4 March 2014
Conference language:   English
Conference fee:            US$ 200
Conference website:     http://www.iapzambia2014.com/

Conference Title:

"Getting a fair bargain for Africa and the developing world: The role of the Prosecutor in combating corporate financial crime including tax evasion and environmental degradation in the extractive and other significant industries"

Conference Theme:

The theme of the conference was crafted in view of an increasing need for a greater emphasis on law and accountability mechanisms in relation to corporate financial and environmental crimes. It also recognises that Multi-National Corporations being some of the significant perpetrators of these offences must comply with relevant local laws and should be held accountable within their respective areas of operation. Finally, it identifies the critical role of the prosecutor in curbing these crimes.

Conference objectives:

In creating a platform to discuss the preceding issues, the conference seeks to achieve the following:

  • Examine the extent and impact of tax evasion and environmental degradation in the extractive and other significant industries in Africa and the Developing World;
  • Raise awareness on tax evasion and environmental degradation;
  • Identify the role of the prosecutor in combating tax evasion and environmental degradation;
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration at international and regional levels in combating tax evasion and environmental degradation;
  • Enhance capacity to efficiently and effectively deal with corporate and environmental crimes.


Africa is endowed with vast natural resources, which if properly managed could be harnessed to develop the Continent. Many countries in Africa have partnered with Multi-National Corporations (MNPs) to create extractive and other significant industries in mining, gas, oil and timber. Although the intervention of Multi-National Corporations in extractive industries may be a potentially positive force for development, this partnership has in some cases led to an increase in corporate crime such as tax evasion and environmental degradation. Due to the prevalence of these crimes, the continent is not receiving its fair share mainly because, the extent to which multi-national corporations are being monitored and whether they are held accountable for their actions is questionable.

Target Group:

As well as presenting an interesting and informative programme of practical value to any prosecutor within the African and Indian Ocean Region who finds him or herself dealing with cases involving those issues encompassed by the theme-as set out above, this event allows prosecutors from the region and possibly beyond to mix with each other and  improve their understanding of these topics as well as promoting a greater sense of community between prosecutors wherever they are located.

Call for Speakers:

Those wishing to contribute to the conference programme as a speaker should contact Conference Secretariat (Mable Bauleni Nawa mablenawa@dppzambia.com  or Catherine Mulenga Phiri cathylophiri@yahoo.com) by February 1st 2014 indicating their area of expertise and a short résumé of any presentation they would like to offer in English.