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IBA War and Justice Conference

Date: Saturday 21 April 2018

Location: The Peace Palace, The Hague, the Netherlands on 21 April 2018.         

Registration is now open for the War and Justice Conference, taking place in The Peace Palace, The Hague, the Netherlands on 21 April 2018. 

Topics will include:

  • Terrorism, armed conflict and permissible use of force: how have the fight against terrorism, the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones), and the activities of non-state armed groups in combat operations changed rules of engagement in war theatres, and what does international law say concerning permissible use of force?
  • The ICC activation of the jurisdiction on aggression: strategic and substantive consideration
  • Is truth the first casualty of war? A panel discussion on recent international incidents such as the recent Syrian sarin gas attacks, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and others, where rival claims as to the truth concerning circumstances deflect attention from the tragedy experienced by civilians.
  • Is the future of international criminal law domestic? This panel will analyse the challenges and obstacles that criminal justice currently faces at the international level, and whether the future of international justice lies on an international, hybrid, or domestic trajectory.

Speakers confirmed so far include: Howard Morrison, Judge, International Criminal Court; Kimberly Prost, Judge-Elect, International Criminal Court; Theodor Meron , President, United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals; John Hocking, ICTY-IMCT Registrar; Guénael Mettraux, Judge, Kosovo Specialist Chambers; Fidelma Donlon, Registrar, Kosovo Specialist Chambers; Michelle Jarvis, Deputy Head, United Nations International Impartial Independent Mechanism for Syria; former Deputy Prosecutor, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Steven Kay QC; Wayne Jordash QC, Doughty Street, Chambers; Tristan Ferraro, Senior Legal Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross; Christian Wenaweser, Permanent Representative of Liechtenstein to the United Nations; Navanethem Pillay , former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former Judge, International Criminal Court, former President, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; Stephen Rapp, former US-Ambassador-at-large for Global Criminal Justice, among others.

Register before 13 April 2018

For details of how to become a sponsor for this event, email andrew.webster-dunn@int-bar.org