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Global Conference on Human Trafficking

Date: Thursday 17 January 2019 - Friday 18 January 2019

Location: El San Juan Hotel, Carolina, Puerto Rico

About the Conference

  • Venue: El San Juan Hotel, Carolina, Puerto Rico
  • Registration: expected to open mid October
  • Fee: Early Bird: $ 300 USD (before 29 december) Full registration $ 400 USD
  • Languages: English with translation into Spanish
  • Hosts: National Attorney General Training and Research Institute in collaboration with IAP

About the theme

Theme: Human Trafficking; Working Cooperatively to Protect and Restore Victims

The conference will provide a forum primarily for international prosecutors to build a worldwide network, collaborate and learn from one another and formulate effective strategies in response to the global human trafficking epidemic. The conference also will be of interest to law enforcement and other government officials.

Conference attendees will:

  • Focus on practical investigative and prosecutor techniques to strenghten how they handle their cases while discussing current and emerging issues and trends.
  • Learn approaches to better understand and assist victimes of human trafficking.
  • Benefit from a post-conference report on recommendations and potential next steps generated during the conference.

Promoting global cooperation, collaboration , and commitment to protecting human trafficking victims is the cornerstones of this conference. Featuring speakers from the nonprofit, goverment, law enforcement, and therapeutic sectors, plenary and breakout topic highlights will include;

  • The current and evolving posture of human trafficking worldwide.
  • Methods and trends traffickers use to recruit and exploit victimes, including the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Techniques to infiltrate, investigate, and disrupt human trafficking networks that engage in money laundering including a focus on illicit asset forfeiture and corruption.
  • The role social media plays in continuing criminal activity, prvention campaigns and outreach to vulnerable communities.
  • Proactive preparation to reduce trafficking opportunities during times of conflict, natural disaster or large sporting events. 

The choice of Puerto Rico as Venue for the Conference

Following the natural disaster, residents are mor susceptible to falling prey to exploitation and/or becoming human trafficking victims. Accordingly, as part of the NAAG's efforts to assist Puerto Rico rebuild following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, and in support of the people in Puerto Rico and its Department of Justice, IAP and NAGTRI are hosting the Conference in Puerto Rico, one of NAAG's 56 Members. 

Hosting this Conference in Puerto Rico strives to bring attention and awareness to the impact that disasters can have on communities while providing a forum for prosecutors, investigators and experts in the human trafficking space to collaborate and share comprehensive investigative and prosecutorial techniques that protect vulnerable communities and victims of human trafficking.

Conference Target Group

The Conference is open to international prosecutors, law inforcement and government officials.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

17 - 18 January 2019