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IAP & Council of Europe series of Webinars

Date: Wednesday 1 September 2021 - Thursday 30 September 2021

Location: Webinar by the IAP, the GLACY+ project of the Council of Europe and the European Commission and the Octopus project of the Council of Europe.

Between May and December 2021, the International Association of Prosecutors, the Council of Europe through the GLACY+ and the Octopus Project are co-organising a series of thematic webinars to exchange views on the existing and emerging forms of cooperation for effective access to electronic evidence, as well as solutions proposed by the 2nd Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime on enhanced international cooperation and disclosure of electronic evidence.

During the first webinar that took place on 13 of May 2021, the panelists discussed about the challenges of direct cooperation with service providers and other entities and presented the solutions offered by the Second Additional Protocol for obtaining domain name registration information and for disclosure of subscriber information, with emphasis on the novel direct order to a service provider in another Party.The webinar was open for participation for judges and prosecutors from countries of Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific and attracted a broad audience of almost 160 participants from 68 countries who actively engaged in the Q&A sessions and contributed to the views and experiences exchange.

The next joint IAP, GLACY+ project and Octopus Project webinar will be organized in September 2021, with focus on the Data protection safeguards and principles in cybercrime investigations as reflected in the Second Additional Protocol.

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