20th Annual Conference - Zurich,

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

09:00 - 11:00: Plenary 2: "Raising funds for illicit activities and purposes - how can it be stopped"

Chair: Syed Ali Murtaza, Secretary, Punjab Prosecution Service, Pakistan


Discussion Facilitator: Jean-Francois Thony, Prosecutor General, Court of Appeal of Colmar, France

11:30 - 13.00: 1st Session of Special Interest Group Meetings (SIGM)

Prosecution Heads

Facilitators: Brian Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, Canada, Carter Stewart, District Attorney, Ohio USA and Martin Ocampo, Prosecutor General, Buenos Aires, Argentina

IAP Contact Persons

Facilitator: Janne Holst Hübner, Executive Director, IAP

Prosecutors Exchange Programme (PEP)

Facilitator: Nicola Mahaffy, Crown Prosecutors, BC, Canada

Synthetic Drug and Precursors

Facilitators: Han Moraal, Dutch National Member of Eurojust, Cornelia Geldermans, National Public Prosecutor, The Netherlands 

14:30 - 16:00: Workshops

2A: "The Bank System and the prosecutor"

Chair: Elivera du Plooy, Senior State Advocate, Johannesburg, South Africa


Rapporteur: Anneli Tirud Wallin, Prosecutor, National Prosecution Department, Sweden

2B: "Terrorist Funding"

Chair: André Vandoren, Director OCAM-OCAD and Deputy Prosecutor General, Belgium


  • Juliette Noto, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Competence Center, Switzerland
  • Kim Prost, Ombudsman, Security Council, Al Quaida Sanctions Committee
  • Jacez Lazarowicz, Prosecutor, Department for Organised Crime and Corruption, Prosecutor General's Office, Warsaw, Poland. SYNOPSIS

Rapporteur: Rovena GASHI, Director/Prosecutor, General Prosecution Office, Albania

2C: "International cooperation and its limitations"

Chair: Maria Schnebli, Swiss National Member to Eurojust


  • Andrew Feinstein, Executive Director, Corruption Watch, United Kingdom
  • David Scharia, Senior Legal Officer and Coordinator, Legal Criminal Justice Group, UN Security Council, Counter-Terrorism Committee, Executive Directorate
  • Stephen Vorreiter, Senior Executive Lawyer, Australian Government Solicitor. SYNOPSIS
  • Alexander Zvyagintsev, Deputy Prosecutor General, Russian Federation.

Rapporteur: Cassandra Soko, State Advocate, National Prosecution Authority, Zambia.

2D: "Prosecuting Fraud and Tax Evasion"

Chair: Rashid Ahmine, Senior Assistant, Director of Public Prosecutions, Mauritius


Rapporteur: Peter Mullen, Chief Prosecution Solicitor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland