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17th Annual Conference - 2012

Date: Sunday 28 October 2012

Location: Bangkok, ThailandRead the Conference Agenda and documentation

Conference Theme:

Where there is money to be made out of crime then you can expect organisations and syndicates to be formed to reap the highest possible rewards. Such unlawful organisations can be highly sophisticated and can operate with the speed efficiency and acumen of our most advanced legitimate businesses. Moreover they are not constrained by state sovereignty issues, border controls or jurisdictional differences-‘au contraire’ they can exploit these factors to further their reach and the scale of their exploits. They prey on the vulnerable and the greedy and operate through fear and force. They can exert influence and control on whole communities and rely upon corruption and influence in the highest places.

It is evident that organised crime is penetrating most areas of acquisitive crime-and many syndicates are multi functional, turning to the most lucrative market at any given time. The Trafficking of Human Beings is now one of the scourges of today and whilst slavery is by no means anything new, the facility of transport creates ever new opportunities for exploitation and victims can be victimised time and time again. The world wide net and cyber technology has created a borderless world enabling the criminally minded to expand their activities internationally without regard to the constraints that prosecutors have to observe when tackling criminality across borders.

One of the main objectives of the IAP is to improve cooperation between prosecutors to more readily combat international criminality. What can we do in concrete terms to at least partially achieve this ambitious objective? That is the aim of this conference.

The Plenary sessions are designed to look at some of the broader issues with some limited discussion whilst the workshops will seek to obtain some detailed analysis of the issues with a view to determining a way forward. The workshops will have a limited number of speakers (generally no more than 3) with a view to generating discussion and will focus on the tools available or which should be available to prosecutors to deal with these areas of criminality and the processes and practices that exist or should exist in support.

There will also be the usual special interest meetings for Heads of Prosecution Services, Associations of Prosecutors, Small Island and Small Jurisdictions, Francophone Prosecutors, Prosecutors Exchange Scheme and others such as the IAP Contacts Meeting which is designed for the benefit of Organisational Members’ designated contact persons in order to create a closer relationship between contact persons and the IAP Administrative Team.

Networking events will also be arranged to facilitate business meetings between prosecutors.

The Prosecutors from the specialist war crimes tribunals will be launching a publication ‘International Prosecutors Best Practice’ and the IAP expects to launch their 3rd specialist web based forum-TIPP (The Trafficking in Persons Platform) to supplement GPEN (the Global Prosecutors E Crime Network) and FICJ (Forum for International Justice).

Further as referred to above in connection with the IAP Regional Conference in Mauritius, there will be a further consultation exercise probably within the regional fora, in relation to the IAP/UNODC handbook on Prosecution Standards which is under development.

Attend the Conference as a Speaker, Chair or Rapporteur:

There remain opportunities to participate in the conference as either a Speaker, a Chair or a Rapporteur. The position of Rapporteur for one of the workshops is particularly suited to more junior prosecutors who may welcome participation as a development opportunity. Those interested should contact the IAP General Counsel, Elizabeth Howe (Elizabeth.howe@cps.gsi.gov.uk) as soon as possible and by August 1st 2012 indicating the role they would like to perform, their area of expertise and a short résumé of any presentation they would wish to offer (in English).

Conference Venue:        Bangkok, Thailand
Conference Period
:       28th October – 1 November 2012
Conference languages:  Thai and UN languages
Confernce Fee:              750 EUR (Early Bird)
Conference website:       http://www.iap2012thailand.ago.go.th/


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