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Register now for the 29th Annual Conference and General Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan

Date: Sunday 29 September 2024 - Wednesday 2 October 2024

Location: Baku Convention Centre

About the conference

  • Conference Date: 29 September 2024 - 2 October 2024
  • Conference Venue: Baku Convention Centre
  • Conference website and Online registration; Access now 

Conference theme: "The Role of the Prosecutor in upholding the Rule of Law.

Criminal justice systems vary considerably from one country to another but are all underpinned by the need for the fair, impartial and effective administration of justice. The functions of public prosecutors impact on all of those who are involved in a criminal matter, including suspects, defendants, witnesses and victims. Prosecutors must make their decisions independently and carry out their functions objectively, respecting and protecting human rights, and ensuring that the criminal justice system functions in a proper manner. As the crime threats that we face continue to evolve and the complexity of crime increases, prosecutors must ensure that, at every stage in the criminal process, they are upholding the rule of law and acting in the interests of justice.

Against that backdrop, the conference will explore how prosecutors can best ensure that there is procedural equality between the prosecution and defence and will consider the role that prosecution authorities play as one of the main pillars of an independent criminal justice system. The conference will consider ways in which victims and witnesses can be better served by the criminal justice system to ensure that they are able to give their best evidence, both through specific initiatives and greater collaboration between criminal justice stakeholders. It will examine challenges and responses to the growth in cybercrime and the use of artificial intelligence, carefully considering how prosecutors can ensure transparency and accountability, and will also seek to identify more effective methods of international cooperation to tackle this transnational criminal activity.

Many of the conference themes are mirrored in the IAP Standards of Professional Responsibility and Statement of the Essential Duties and Rights of Prosecutors, which celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. The Standards – which are as resonant for prosecutors now as they were when they were first issued – will frame the conference discussions and will provide a benchmark for the conduct, roles and responsibilities of prosecutors in upholding the rule of law. Hearing insights from across the globe, we will explore how we can collectively work together to prevent, tackle and combat terrorism, organised crime, and other serious criminal activity.

Please visit the conference website for more information about the theme and subthemes.