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24th Annual Conference 2019 - Buenos Aires

Date: Sunday 15 September 2019 - Thursday 19 September 2019

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina (Centro de Convenciones)

About the conference

  • Fee: TBI
  • Languages: TBI
  • Host: Attorney General's Office of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
  • Registration: Is expected to open 1 March 2019

About the venue

The 24th Annual Conference and General Meeting will be hosted in Buenos Aires, also called the "Paris of South America", due to its soaring architecture and rich European heritage. The city is a study in contrasts: European sensibilities and Latin American passion; wide boulevards and cobblestone alleys; steamy tango and romping rock and roll; sidewalk cafés and soccer fanatics.

Conference theme

Theme“International cooperation across different legal systems”

Each plenary will explore the differences and similarities between the various traditional legal systems relevant to international cooperation, with a view to understand each other and to overcome challenges in international cooperation.  These exchanges will allow each country to become more efficient in international collaboration, whether that is requesting cooperation or responding to others’ requests.  Four sub-themes have been identified:

1) The accusatorial and inquisitorial systems: differences and similarities

  • The principle of legality vs. principal of opportunity and the practical implications of each;
  • Are accusatorial and inquisitorial systems moving closer together?
  • Identification of challenges generated by procedural and cultural differences and how to overcome them.
2) The gathering and sharing of evidence
  • The difference between intelligence and evidence;
  • Challenges regarding the Mutual Legal Assistance process between countries of different legal traditions;
  • Is mutual legal assistance always necessary – how can we cooperate more effectively and efficiently?
  • Challenges regarding the admissibility of evidence obtained in a foreign jurisdiction and how do we overcome them
3) The role of the prosecutor during the investigation and its impact on international cooperation.
  • The decision to open an investigation: the respective role of the police, the judge, and the prosecutor;
  • The relationship between the investigators and prosecutors during the investigation: what effects do these have on international cooperation?
  • What impact, if any, does evidence obtained in violation of human rights have on a prosecution and how to protect the integrity of the prosecution?
  • What should be the role of prosecutors during sensitive investigations such as investigations on corruption or dealing with politicians or powerful individuals? 
4) Recent developements and trends in sentencing
  • Comparing the role and rights of victims in each system;
  • The negotiation of the outcome of the criminal process: plea bargaining, mediation and alternatives to criminal convictions; what works and what are the pitfalls?
  • Sentencing principles applicable to vulnerable populations.

Specialised sessions

Environmental crimes
  • Best practices;
  • Strategies for prosecuting legal entities;
  • Novel sentencing approaches.
The impact of cybercrimes on the international cooperation
  • Developments in investigative methods;
  • Challenges associated with the presentation of evidence obtained in foreign countries;
  • The Budapest Convention and other legal principles applicable to the protection of right to privacy

Mega trials

  • Challenges to bring cases before the court in a timely fashion;
  • Role of the prosecutor during the investigation.




Welcome to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin.