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23rd IAP Annual Conference - 2018

Date: Sunday 9 September 2018 - Thursday 13 September 2018

Location: Johannesburg-Sandton, South Africa

About the conference

  • Johannesburg-Sandton, Sandton Convention Center
  • Period 9 - 13 September 2018
  • Fee Full Participation 875 EUR (Early Bird) 950  EUR (Full Cost)
  • Fee Accompanying Persons 425 (Early Bird) 475 EUR (Full Cost).

The Early Bird rate expires 15 June 2018 

The conferene theme

The theme for the conference: “Prosecutorial Independence – the Cornerstone of Justice to Society”.

The independence of the prosecution services is a pre-requisite for the rule of law. The independence and autonomy of the prosecution services constitute an indispensable corollary to the independence of the judiciary. Without it the Justice cannot fulfil its functions. But independency does not stand on its own. It must be recognized that prosecutorial independence is directly linked to accountability. A prosecutor that claims independence but refuses to be accountable to the law and to the society will not enjoy the trust of society and will not achieve the independence for which it strives

The 23rd IAP Annual Conference aims to develop the key themes of prosecutorial independence and seek to provide to the global community of prosecution a framework for common understanding and further progress.

  • The ideal of Independence and its practical consequences
  • Managing Prosecution Services; between accountability and individual autonomy
  • Protecting the Individual Prosecutor
  • Independent Prosecution and confidence in the eyes of the Public

Specialist Groups and Sub-themes

Every year, the IAP Annual Conference is the place where specialists in a broad range of investigation and prosecution come together to discuss and exchange experiences on new developments, legal challenges and solutions, and cutting edge technologies. In Johannesburg there will again be ample opportunity for prosecutors worldwide to present, discuss and to take home lessons in areas including Mutual legal assistance, Cybercrime, Anti-corruption, Money Laundering and asset recovery, Organized crime, Counter terrorism and Violent Extremism, Environmental Crime, Trafficking in Human Beings and Migrant Smuggling, International Criminal Justice, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, Military Prosecution, and many other fields.

One-stop-shop for international cooperation

The IAP Annual Conference serves as a productive forum for transnational legal cooperation and offers a perfect opportunity to reach out to the many delegations that participate.  By hosting formal and informal bilateral meetings the Annual Conference is an effective ‘one-stop-shop’ for prosecution services’ transnational legal cooperation arrangements.


Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) is one of the most important topics on the agenda for the global community of prosecutors and for that reason one of the key themes of the Annual Conference.

Participants will be able to discuss with experts and test ideas in IAP’s ‘MLA lab’ (Mutual Legal Assistance Laboratory) where information and best practices can be exchanged.