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22nd IAP Annual Conference - 2017

Date: Sunday 10 September 2017 - Friday 15 September 2017

Location: Beijing, People's Republic of China

About the conference

  • Venue:           Beijing Hotel
  • Period:          10 – 15 September 2017
  • Fee:                 875 EUR (Early Bird) / 950 EUR (Standard rate)

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About the venue 

Beijing Hotel was founded in 1900 and perfectly located in the centre of Beijing, in the Dongcheng District, only minutes from the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square and just east of the well-known Wangfujing Street.

The conference theme

The theme for the conference: "Prosecution in the Public Interest -  Facing the challenges and opportunities in changing societies".

Prosecutors always serve the public interest. In some jurisdictions, this is reflected specifically in ´the public interest test’ in deciding whether to prosecute a suspect or not. But also in a broader sense, prosecution is guided by the public interest; in how we prioritise and organise our activities and the principles and procedures that we apply. We are expected to deliver effective law enforcement, investigation and prosecution, efficient collaboration with other public agencies; and we are expected to adapt to global developments to achieve the expected domestic outcomes in accordance with law.

The 22nd IAP Annual Conference will put special emphasis on three important global developments and look into the domestic challenges that follow to ensure that prosecution remains in the public interest: How can we, in our investigation and in our prosecution work best respond to the increasing digitalization of public and private life, to the increasingly transnational nature of crime, and to the fact that an ever increasing proportion of people live in cities?

  • Digitalization & Prosecution
  • Judicial Cooperation
  • The growing urban populations and prosecution

Specialist groups and Sub-themes

Every year, the IAP Annual Conference is the place where specialists in a broad range of investigation and prosecution come together to discuss and exchange experiences on new developments, legal challenges and solutions, and cutting edge technologies. In Beijing there will again be ample opportunity for prosecutors worldwide to present, discuss and to take home lessons in areas including Mutual legal assistance, Cybercrime, Anti-Corruption, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery, Organised Crime, Counter-Terrorism and Violent Extremism, Environmental Crime, Trafficking in Human Beings and Migrant Smuggling, International Criminal Justice, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, Military Prosecution, and many other fields.

Why participate?

  • You will get new inspiration, built your global professional network and be part of a movement to raise the professional standards of prosecutors.
  • You will be able to exchange experiences and good practice with standard setting colleagues worldwide and you will be able to take with you new insights from the lectures and practical exercises.
  • The IAP Annual Conference is the place where prosecution services arrange for bilateral meetings with sister agencies in other countries for future cooperation.