Welcome to the CTPN

The CTPN is a network of prosecutors engaged in the prosecution of terrorism cases and provides a valuable forum in which prosecutors from around the world exchange national experiences, identify common challenges and discuss ways to address these challenges, share and promote good practices.


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The CTPN assists in fostering greater international and regional cooperation and provide means to address some of the challenges related to prosecution in this area. As part of its international cooperation framework, resources are available on the following topics:

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CTPN Membership

Membership of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) gives access to numerous benefits including:

  • Membership of the IAP global network;
  • Upon request, access to the CTPN Resources, E-Bulletin, Contacts and Discussion Board
  • Eligibility to participate in Annual and Regional Conferences; and
  • Access to Prosecutors Exchange Programme (PEP) and lots more.

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